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Unseen Magazine is a biannual publication that offers an essential update of key perspectives from the world of contemporary photography. With a heightened focus on the lives behind the lens, as well as the points where art and society collide, Unseen Magazine reveals photography’s role in reflecting on the burning issues of our time.

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Unseen Issue 7

Unseen Magazine Issue 7

What goes on in an artist’s studio? How does a new project take shape? And how might photography be used to reflect on the burning issues of our time? With a heightened focus on the lives behind the lens, Unseen Magazine opens a window into the heart of the creative process.

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Unseen Editions Unseen Editions

Leaves of Limburg Leaves of Limburg

by Jeroen Bocken

By considering the relationship between humans and nature, Jeroen Bocken’s series Een aanneembare wereld (An Acceptable World) focuses on the changeability of our views of reality and the way each individual creates their own.

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World Capital World Capital

by Felicity Hammond

By combining real and imagined views of urban environments, Felicity Hammond’s series A Global Sense of Place interrogates the growing uniformity of our global cityscapes.
Limited edition of 10
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Souvenirs From Eden 01 Souvenirs From Eden 01

by Jacques Brun

Through romantic imagery and fictitious storytelling, Jacques Brun’s Sunset Garden gives a rich and seductive depiction of nature.
Limited edition of 20
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cf6 cf6

by Kai Oh

Armed with an iPhone and a fearless command of Photoshop, Kai Oh’s cityfood project pairs food and cityscapes in weird harmony.
Limited edition of 20
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Tea Time Tea Time

by Pixy Liao,
Galleri Vasli Souza

Tea Time forms part of Pixy Liao’s project Experimental Relationship, which gives a playful commentary on the unconventional relationship dynamic between herself and her partner, who is five years her junior.
Limited edition of 20
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Two Cranes Two Cranes

by Eva Sajovic

Two Cranes is a product of Eva Sajovic’s enduring love affair with the ever-changing Elephant & Castle, a neighbourhood she proudly calls home.
Limited edition of 20
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Eaton Place, London Eaton Place, London

by Max Colson

Using cutting-edge laser scanning technology, Max Colson creates intricate 3D renderings of the most memorable streets in London for drivers of the black cab community.
Limited edition of 50
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Oil on Tarmac Oil on Tarmac

by Jo Dennis

Interested in the duality of renewal and decay, Jo Dennis combs a disused car workshop in London for traces of human activity.
Limited edition of 20
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Pniel Pniel

by Nico Krijno,
The Ravestijn Gallery

Nico Krijno’s Pniel captures the very essence of his artistic oeuvre – playful, multilayered and defiantly resistant to a single medium.
Limited edition of 20
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Dream River Dream River

by Liz Nielsen,
Danziger Gallery

Following a radical decision to fully abandon her camera, Liz Nielsen’s Dream River is the result of extensive experimentation with found objects in the dark room.
Limited edition of 20
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